GAME OVER LED Case for Samsung


- 9H tempered glass back panel + soft TPU bumper

- Automatically sync up to your Phone's speaker and play a unique light show

- Thin and light

- Works with wireless charger

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lyla (Everett, US)
cute conversation starter but the cable has a short lifespan

I've had my LED phone case for about 2 months, the back no longer lights up because the cable is clearly not strong enough to be unplugged every once and a while to charge. Unless you plan to only charge wirelessly then I would not really recommend it, I wish I could recommend it but unless the cable was made more durable then I can't really do that

Omar Herrera (San Bernardino, US)
Now my phone is more epic 😎

Cool 😎

Mya Lafleur (Terrebonne, CA)
Good phone case but bad customer service

The phone case is absolutely amazing but their customers service is ehhhh
I ordered the phone case after seing it from a tiktok video , it said that they ship it 24 to 48 hours later , not even a day later , I asked them to cancel my order because I miscalculated my bank account balance and could not afford it
It took them more than a WEEK to answer me the first time , and when I replied that I did in fact wanted to cancel it it took them a good 4 or 5 days to answer just to tell me they couldn't because the order was shipped, and yet I still did not had a email to confirm the shipping , I got it a day after their answer. It feels like they didn't even try or wanted to cancel it

But except that the phone case is good , but it drains alot of battery so I recommend to not always let it plugged in

Jake Foster (Bolton, GB)
Arrived Broken

After waiting 2 months for it to arrive, it arrived broken. When speaking on email about this, this would respond daily. Until I posted a video of the product not working. As soon as I did that, they have ignored my emails and won't speak to me.

Aiden (Yucaipa, US)
Loved mine with a couple of improvements

Print quality in my s21 ultra case wasn't amazing but it wasn't bad I think the printer needs to be checked but overall happy!!( there were lines you see on the art)