Demon Slayer Cat LED Case for Samsung

Bazaardodo phone cases are cute, cool, kawaii, strong, durable and protective


- 9H tempered glass back panel + soft TPU bumper

- Automatically sync up to your Samsung's speaker and play a unique light show

- Thin and light

- Works with wireless charger

Important Note Phone case lights up while unlock, touch, calling, messaging, music, video and extermal vibrations

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ian Vandermotten (Corsham, GB)
Looks good but flawed

My daughter loves it when she got it mid October. Looked good lit and unlit. One major flaw though. The power connector just hangs there when not in use. It's now the beginning of November and the power connector is no longer attached to the case. Just dangling led to getting snagged and breaking off. Not durable or worth the money if only lasts a few weeks

Joshua Holloway (Brisbane, AU)
Well its not worth the lights if it just breaks.

The quality is pretty good and sturdy, although I bought it for the whole vibrant flashy lights, issue being only after a week of use the USB power tab already started showing wear; and at the 2 week mark it was completely torn giving the case no life, essentially just defeating the purpose of spending extra on it. Perhaps don't sell a item that renders essentially useless after little-to-no time?