Glow in Dark phone case,make you the coolest person in the dark!

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Glow in Dark phone case,make you the coolest person in the dark!

The luminous paint we usually see is actually composed of phosphorescence, which is a type of photoluminescence related to fluorescence. Luminous 3D painting is the only art exhibition in the world that uses two different light sources to transform. It’s mainly used for misperception or hallucination. Artists use the light-sensitive function of eyes and luminous painting techniques to create this type of painting.

Luminous paintings make the secrets hidden in images, create perceptual illusions, achieve visual shock, enter the world of stereo paintings different from the past, experience an incredible magical journey, witness the ultimate peak of luminous paintings visual art.

There is another kind of beauty besides our artificial works, according to the National Geographic Website of the United States, luminous clouds are a peculiar atmospheric optical phenomenon, which is very rare. It usually occurs in the summer of each year. Every summer, residents living in high latitudes can enjoy the beautiful natural viewpoint, as seen in this picture.

Night clouds are so thin that they are hard to see during the day. They are very high, so after sunset, their light can still shine on these clouds at high altitudes, creating a beautiful night-light cloud. Nightglow clouds themselves are made up of ice crystals. These rare clouds are distributed in the middle of the atmosphere, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) above the ground, making them the most highly distributed clouds known in the world

BazaarDoDo has always been a very innovative company. Our mission is to bring you very unique tech gadgets. This is why we developed this stuff. A phone case with a luminous feature that lets you stand out in the dark.


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