Sinon Full-LED-Gehäuse für Samsung


- Rückwand aus gehärtetem 9H-Glas + weicher TPU-Stoßfänger

- Vollbild leuchtend

- EINSynchronisieren Sie sich automatisch mit dem Lautsprecher Ihres Telefons und spielen Sie eine einzigartige Lichtshow ab

- Dünn und leicht

- Funktioniert mit kabellosem Ladegerät

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Aidan Robson (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Cool Case

First of all it's a dope looking case. I will say the shipping takes a long time. (Around 3 weeks in my case.) but that has nothing to do with the case itself. As for the case, the main photo is a bit misleading, it's better to look at the video if you want a more realistic example. The led flashes in a square layout, and doesn't fill the entire character. As for the durability it seems to be fine, I'm not slamming my phone on the ground or anything though.

Caesar_Bakura (Los Angeles, US)
Amazing case

I love this phone case ever since it arrived and I have been using it every single day

Emilio (Los Angeles, US)
Great case but the cable beaks to easily

I love the case its very cool and it's a very durable case but my only problem is the cord that connects to my phone that turns the light own breaks to easily I just got my new one and I've only had it for 3 weeks and the lights don't work or cord that you pug into the phone it's not damaged in anyway still looks brand new haven't dropped or bent it. I love the lights and how syncs with my music so I am a little irritated it already doesn't work but other then that it's a great case that looks aswome and is a very sturdy and durable case

jillian (Cape Coral, US)
Very cool

The product is beautiful, it came packed well and no physical issues. the only thing that is somewhat weird is that the colors arwnt in tune to the music. almost as if there is a delay. but it is not that big of a dwal. i still love it!

Kevin (Youngstown, US)

This is the best case I ever owned