JeongHyun Min

Green Parts Industrielles LED-Gehäuse für Samsung


- Rückwand aus gehärtetem 9H-Glas + weicher TPU-Stoßfänger

- Vollbild leuchtend

- EINSynchronisieren Sie sich automatisch mit dem Lautsprecher Ihres Telefons und spielen Sie eine einzigartige Lichtshow ab

- Dünn und leicht

- Funktioniert mit kabellosem Ladegerät

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joshua Esquivel (Kyle, US)
Love it

Saw video on TikTok, also need new case. Try my luck and got a new phone case. Which I love it.

I get other people asking about my phone case and show it off. Also I recommend where I got it. So the business can grow.

I would like see some Gundam case and art add later on. I'm a Mecha fan.

Jason Benson (Almena, US)
Phone case

I was a little appreciative about ordering off of tik tok. But I was wrong I got my phone case fast. I love the quality I work in place where phone is always in danger. I have drop it several times and still works and looks great. I have told several people that where looking for cases about your site. And I hope everything keeps going good and you are around for me to buy my next case.

Brendan Montague (Brisbane, AU)
Really nice but I had a few problems

The case it beautiful but with the Note 20 Ultra the cable is slightly off centre making the cable bend quite tightly, I don't see it lasting long tbh. I also had to make the hole bigger were it detects audio as it was half covering it so the detection was terrible
All in all its decent

Tyrone Brown (Fredericksburg, US)

Green Parts Industrial LED Case for Samsung

David Baker (Pueblo, US)
Better than expected

Honestly for the money I expected a mediocre product but was wrong. Its fantastic its a sturdey case and it doesn't drain my battery at all. Finally it actually flashes to the music or sound with virtually no lag I love it