BOAR LED-Hülle für iPhone


- Rückwand aus gehärtetem 9H-Glas + weicher TPU-Stoßfänger

- Vollbild leuchtend

- EINSynchronisieren Sie sich automatisch mit dem Lautsprecher Ihres iPhones und spielen Sie eine einzigartige Lichtshow ab

- Dünn und leicht

- Funktioniert mit kabellosem Ladegerät

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous (Brisbane, AU)
Excellent product that is well worth the money, 100% recommend. I have some suggestions though.

Reactive lights, epic art, good protection, does not block wireless charging. For what it offers, it is an excellent product that I readily recommend to friends (though they judge slightly due to the design, until they see other art styles). I am very happy with it and have it on almost all the time.

Though I would make some recommendations to the design:
1) The connection wire/plug that attaches to the phone for powering the LEDs is the exact length needed to slip it in without any protuding wires being a nuisance. However, this results in needing to stretch the wire out a bit to be able to plug it in. This slightly (ever so slightly) forces out the wire, and over repeated plugging and unplugging, it may break. As someone who prefers wired charging over wireless, this is a problem for me. I would suggest making the plug a bit easier to pull out and a slightly longer conneciton wire.
2) When charging via wire, the case plug is left dangling and exposed. Occasionally, it would also sit up against the wire which stops the phone from resting flat. This may put wieght on the case's plug and with any accidental force on the phone from above, it will snap the plug with ease. Perhaps add a means to safely hide the plug in the case when it is not connected or make it long enough that it can be moved out of the way without stressing it.
3) When the case is plugged in, the phone cannot steadily sit upright when it is resting on a flat-based stand as the plug extrudes further out from the case. Suggestion would be to make the side of the case with the port extend a bit longer so that it is further out than the plug when it sits upright.

Other than these, I am very happy with the case, it being the second one I've bought and would readily recommend to others due to it's excellent design otherwise :)

Kenny Aung (Sydney, AU)
Led Phone case

I would totally recommend getting Led cases. They were all in excellent conditions and the shipping was fast too. The boxing was also great as well. Lights are sound reactive and really bright.