Calm Down LED Case for Samsung


- 9H tempered glass back panel + soft TPU bumper

- Automatically sync up to your phone's speaker and play a unique light show

- Thin and light

- Works with wireless charger

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nygel Oglesby (Rialto, US)
Actually had more features than mentioned

Love it

Julian Stewart (Gonzales, US)

I love it its super cool and neat looking 10/10

M padilla (Phoenix, US)
Haven't recieve phone case

I love your design, but I haven't received my phone case since March, so I really haven't tried it, so hopefully when it come ill be able to enjoy it

Alec Abriam (Murrieta, US)
Worth a try

Overall, the case is well designed - it feels comfortable in the hand when plugged in, the buttons aren't spongy, the edges are smooth and wrap the device securely, and the art looks as depicted online. But there can always be room for improvement. For my specific device (samsung note 9), I lose functionality of my fingerprint sensor as the opening is considerably high and squared off. If I had known this beforehand, I may not have bought it. But after having some time with the case I have grown to like it and I am very likely to buy another.

Nicholas G. (Palm Bay, US)
Overall pretty satisfied

The case is sleek with the glass and very minimal, hardly tell it has a case. The artwork is also really nice. Some small issues I would say if you are prone to dropping your phone, maybe not the case for you. I feel comfortable with how it is though. Also the case where is hooks into your usb c cable is pretty annoying to get out sometimes to charge it, luckily I almost always use wireless charging. I also have a small issue where the LEDs dont work after I I wireless charge until click the system tray notification about something being plugged in. Think this an OS thing on my phone though not the case. Overall none of those minor things make me regret buying it and enjoy the case, might buy another down the road.