Coque LED industrielle Calm Down pour Samsung


- Panneau arrière en verre trempé 9H + pare-chocs en TPU souple

- Synchronisez automatiquement le haut-parleur de votre téléphone et jouez un spectacle de lumière unique

- Fin et léger

- Fonctionne avec un chargeur sans fil

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Eli (Wembley, GB)
Not good

Honestly pretty awful. I've owned mine for about 2-3 weeks and it's already broken. I've yet to even drop it and the back glass is shattered, It's very fragile. The LED cable is thin as paper so it simply ruins itself due to how much it bends with its poor design when plugging it in. The phone case does not provide any protection from drops to the phone itself due to how thin and fragile the case is. Other than this being a LED case that's simply stop working after a couple weeks there's no reason to even consider these cases. Another thing is the LEDs are very dim, not at all noticeable during the day and only do something in the dark, you wouldn't notice a difference if the LEDs were on or off during the day. The quality of the images is awful and you can tell they went for the cheapest quality imaginable. The quality makes you assume this is a $1 case from aliexpress. There is no justification for the price tag.

Jade Rideaux (Kailua-Kona, US)

Great quality, I adore it. Doesn't drain battery to much unless you're listening to something on speaker because it turns on by sound and vibration. Customer support was good and responsive as well.

Pablo Gómez (Santiago de Compostela, ES)
More than satisfied

My precious phone case came even earlier than expected, and all I can say is that I’m amazed. It looks hella fina, and all my friends went crazy after seen the case. It doesn’t consume a lot of battery, so I keep it plugged all day long.

A couple of my friends are going to order they own phone case, and even my boss got his own ;)

Kaitlyn Vermeulen (Portage, US)
Love it

It feels nice when I hold it when using my phone. The art is very pretty and the parts that do light up really does make it very cool

Jesse Caldwell (Sydney, AU)