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Coque LED Calm Down Industrial pour iPhone - BazaarDoDo



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Coque LED Calm Down Industrial pour iPhone


- Panneau arrière en verre trempé 9H + pare-chocs en TPU souple

- Synchronisez automatiquement le haut-parleur de votre iPhone et jouez un spectacle de lumière unique

- Fin et léger

- Fonctionne avec un chargeur sans fil

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
I was loving my case but it’s stopped working within a month.

I really like the case and was shownin it off to multiple people. I didn’t really notice it until a few days ago when I met up with some friends I haven’t seen in a while and wanted to show them my case, but it turns out that it doesn’t work anymore. I really want to recommend this company because I love there merchandise, and I’ve been following their insta for over year growing impatient to get a case until I got money for one. I really love this company and I’ll probably try to get another but this angrier’s me and it’s very disappointing to see.

Jose Saucedo (Washington, US)
Calm down case

Overall a very beautiful high quality case that is slick and fits very well on my iPhone I love the lights and the art of the case in all I’m completely satisfied with it and will definitely be back for more

JayBirdReviews (Katy, US)
Review of my Calm Down iPhone case

The case itself it cool and amazing. The only problem I had with the service was just the time it took to get to my residence. If I were to give BazaarDoDo some advice, please send, or give the option for, regular updates regarding the processing of the items purchased. Otherwise, the product got to my place safe and in one piece. Had no other complaints. Stay safe out there!

Daylin Ortiz (London, GB)
It’s great

I really enjoy it, it’s well made and it works fine. No problems.

Hunter (Parker, US)
Nothing has shown up

I ordered from BazaarDoDo over a month ago and gotten multiple emails. At first is was the regular emails like "We got your order and we're reviewing it now" then i got a confirmation email. Since then I have gone to check the link for my order multiple times to see "Order is Confirmed". Nothing has changed and my order hasn't shipped to me. Just today i got the email asking for a review on how i like my purchase. The only issue i have with this is that nothing has showed up and yet i still got this email. Make sure that if you end up ordering, there's a ;large chance that your order will not show for months or that you may just waste your money entirely on this website. Be smart and please go to a different site to order anything like these products.