Ignorance LED-Gehäuse für Samsung


- Rückwand aus gehärtetem 9H-Glas + weicher TPU-Stoßfänger

- Vollbild leuchtend

- EINSynchronisieren Sie sich automatisch mit dem Lautsprecher Ihres iPhones und spielen Sie eine einzigartige Lichtshow ab

- Dünn und leicht

- Funktioniert mit kabellosem Ladegerät

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ricardo OrozcoMunoz (Wyoming, US)

I am really enjoying my case. It's really cool and works great. I guess my only concern is that the way the lights are set up it cuts off and doesn't fill the whole case but how amazing it is makes up for it.

ray Trueblood (Austin, US)
Awesome at first

the case was amazing i love the colors and the way it lights up. Only one problem the whole where my phones charging port is was too small for the type c official Samsung USB to plug into my notes so that being said I had to remove the case everytime just to charge my phone. The case itself is flimsy without the device installed because its thing glass which is understandable so do to the design flaw of my case and having to go out of the way to charge my phone ultimately the case met its untimely demise at around 1am when I woke to use the restroom I got out of bed and heard a crack, and there was my case ruined :( it must have fallen off my night stand somehow, my case mad it a full week gj.