Gorillaz Industrial LED Case für iPhone


- Rückwand aus gehärtetem 9H-Glas + weicher TPU-Stoßfänger

- Vollbild leuchtend

- EINSynchronisieren Sie sich automatisch mit dem Lautsprecher Ihres iPhones und spielen Sie eine einzigartige Lichtshow ab

- Dünn und leicht

- Funktioniert mit kabellosem Ladegerät

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Wetsocksz (Southfield, US)

Phone case is awesome! I’ve had it little over a month & it’s still working fine. Dropped my phone a couple times & my phone is still good. No cracks. If you’re not aware, the phone lights up via an attached usb at the bottom of the case so that might bother you. It’s a small piece of plastic that I can see degrading (even now) over time, but I’m happy with it until then.

bzso (Kew Gardens, US)
Outer shell is too brittle

The outer shell cracked immediately after dropping it the first time! Since then, the case now has several cracks.
Fortunately the cracks fit in with the graphic design of the case. Also, it continues to light up, even after dropping several times and being briefly submerged under water.
This case would really really rock if they made it out of a clear gel material like some of the existing cases on the market.

Parker Kovatch (Kelowna, CA)
Case Stopped Working

Both my cases stopped working after about two weeks of use, waste of money, maybe I can get them replaced but definitely don’t last long at all. :( They looked really great and worked well before that but its too bad.

Joel B (Irving, US)
Never got it

The phone case never arrived. It says its somewhere in my city thanks to the Shop App. The actual tracking number provided UG649237635YP doesn’t even have any information.

Zeze (Brooklyn, US)
It’s mad lit

I ordered this just to check out how it’ll turn out. Gotta say it’s mad legit. I usually wait a month or two to give a review and this is 5/5. Still works fine, looks dope. Hope they make it even better in the future where you can control which color light you want at a time but it is what it is. Dropped my phone 2 times, cover protects and still works.