The world of Cyberpunk is closer than you think. Once the people imagined the future all realized one by one. Some of the elements in sci-fi movies have become technologies that can be touched in reality. Such as VR goggles, Mechanical Artificial Organs, AI, Tesla Cybertruck etc.

Use anything around you to make a cosplay meme that has a Cyberpunk look and/or feel (“High-Tech, Low Life”) in (“Image”) and submit the Image on Instagram with hashtag“#CloseToCyberpunk”.

Source 1: nek0noid
ource 2: Google

Submissions Gallery

How to participate?

1 You can choose to cosplay any awesome Cyberpunk charactor you like or just use anything around you to make a meme that in Cyberpunk feel or look(You can also download the sticker we prepared to put it on your creation by click the button below) 

2 Make these to images with 1 entry and story behind the scenes

3 Post it on Instagram with @bazaardodo and #CloseToCyberpunk (1 entry per 1 participant)

4 The collection of submissions ends on May 31 2020 (11:59 PM EST), for more details please check our rules(Download)
Due to lack of submissions, we extend the deadline to the end of MAY)

Download Challenge Kit

What are the prizes?

1. The winners of Jury's decision will receive the following prizes:

a. First Prize – bundle containing:

300 USD BazaarDoDo Gift Card

b. Second Prize – bundle containing:

200 USD  BazaarDoDo Gift Card

c. Third Prize – bundle containing:

100 USD BazaarDoDo Gift Card

2. The winners of Community Vote will receive the following prizes:

a. First Prize – bundle containing:

50 USD BazaarDoDo Gift Card

b. Second to tenth prizes:
20 USD BazaarDoDo Gift Card  

for more details about the prizes, please check our regulation and rules(Download)
(Due to lack of submissions, we extend the deadline to the end of MAY)

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You can submit your image from May 8 until May 18th 11:59 PM EST.


All images which meet the technical requirements will be reviewed by a jury. Winners will be chosen based on the creativity, originality, and overall quality of the entry.

Winners of the open (public) voting will be chosen based on the amount of likes. All entries will be published under #CloseToCyberpunk


We might share your picture later on one of our social media accounts, especially if you’re a winner!


The complete set of rules and regulations for the BazaarDoDo #CloseToCyberpuk contest is available 👉here👈

#StayHomeStayCreative Art Challenge

Despite Governments published the quarantine order. There are still certain people who ignore that, they just find out various reasons to go out for a walk, even to walk their exhausted dog. That is not cool or funny at all!!!

Therefore, our designers made some posters with designs and slogon which wanted to remind everyone that during the epidemic, we must learn to protect ourselves and our families. But what we do is not enough, so we hope more people will join us to stop the that by spreading!

How to participate? 

1 Download the Challenge kit we prepared
2 Create your design with any one of the original art we provided and combine with the words you find interesting to prompt the correct epidemic prevention knowledge or encourage everyone.
3 Post it on Instagram with @bazaardodo and #bazaardodoartchallenge (1 art per 1 participant)
4 On April 8, we will post the arts from participants and let people vote. The winners will be announced on April 14.

What prizes you will get?  

FIRST PRIZE (1 winner)
$300 BazaarDoDo Gift card and a printed product of your own design*

SECOND PRIZE(2 winners)
$150 BazaarDoDo Gift card*

What tools you need?  

*For pro, we definately advice you to use Adobe Photoshop to start your art creation. We also prepared the .PSD file in the kit.
*For amateur, an online image editor is the best choice. You may use the Canva to start your creation.

Need Help?  

If you have any questions related to this art challenge, don't hesitate to drop a messenger to us. We will be happy to help you to figure it out

You’re free to create the art you want: We won’t adulterate your 
inspiration, or curtail your artistic expression. Our role is to enable you and preserve the integrity of your design(s) from beginning to end.

You’re free or conditional free to create the designs you want: We won’t adulterate your designs, or curtail your artistic expression. Our role is to enable you and preserve the integrity of your design(s) from beginning to end.

1. Download the Kit
The Challenge Kit has all the elements you need to start the creation.

2. Share to your Instagram Account
with @bazaardodo and #bazaardodoartchallenge

3. Rate your arts
We will track and repost your art on our IG account to let people vote

4. Reap the rewards
Winners receive a cash prize, as well as a platform for their work and an ongoing commission from all sales.

1. Express Yourself
Our art challenges are the best way to liberate your creativity - It's the best opportunity to test your boundaries and create work that's uniquely you.

2. Have Fun& Kill Time
During the quarantine, there is no doubt that to particiate an event such as this! These challenges give you the opportunity to experiment, have fun, connect with other artists, and win the validation by thousand of voters

3. To Learn from Creation
We like to regard these challenges as a new type of design school - a place where everyone from fresh to established artists receives constructive critique and support from BazaarDoDo and talented peers.

4.Earn from Your Arts
For winners, we've prepared a lot of prizes, such as award money, Gift Card, or products with printed their artworks

5. Be one of our Collabs
Our designer team will invite artists they like, to become part of our collabs. Their artworks will be made into merchandise for sale and share a part of sales as the commission.