Hast du jemals eine Handyhülle mit LED-Funktion gesehen?

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New Arrivals

BazaarDoDo LED case

After three months of R&D and several times testing, we can finally be proud to tell you that the new product series LED case is coming online. All LED cases for iPhone are available on the website. Let's take a look at this new product's features.

Smart/ Sound Sensing Flash LED An innovation

An innovation of build-in LED/sound sensing components, make your case flashing in different colors with the rhythm of the music or any notification.

Unique Art & Premium Print

Sharing you with the latest products which could perfectly fit the arts which are created by 20 BazaarDoDo co-artists. Each case is a unique masterpiece; a high-quality UV inner-printed pattern, do not have to worry about the abrasion. 

Full Coverage 

9H hardness glass protects your phone from everyday scratches and dust;
Durable TPU frame cushions your phone from up to 6 feet dropping.

Wireless Charging Compatible 

Super thin backplate enables your phone to work with wireless charger; no need to remove the case, just set your phone down and start charging. 


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