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The Mysterious Story of Bazaardodo Stone Series


New Adventure, New Stone Series

In the summer of 2016, a college graduation trip to China turned into a business inspiration venture for two friends, George and David.

Under the introduction of Lonely Plane, they went to the deep south-west of China, province Guizhou. To explore an ancient mysterious village which is built on a large slate,and all the houses are also made of stone pieces.


While traveling through Guizhou,the wisdom and hard work of the ancients seem to capture the essence of their journey, George and David were inspired. As these slabs can be used to build houses, protect the villagers and inheritance history. It should also be used to make a shell that protects the phone.

But this is a product that no one has ever tried. George and David tried dozens of different stones, and because of the high hardness of the stone, it could not meet the ductility required for the production of mobile phone cases. 

Bazaardodo Stone Series Phone Case

Fortunately, after dozens of failures, as well as the background of materials engineering and engineers, the technology of the perfect combination of mobile phone shell and stone was studied finally. The Stone Series phone case came out.


But this is not the end of story

After thousands of tests, they found that the slate could be able to use as the cover of the wireless charger. This could allow us to have a perfect blend of wireless charging and home decoration. Most important, this creation will not affect the performance of wireless chargers.

Bazaardodo Stone Series Wireless Chargers

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